small groups

Just like we see in the book of Acts, big weekly meetings aren’t enough to build authentic community. Real community is forged in the in-between times – in smaller groups, in homes, over dinner tables, on the beach and over coffee.

With this in mind, we encourage every person in our church to be in a small group.

 Here's why…

•    The Bible and Jesus place radical emphasis on building relationship with other Christians so that we can encourage, strengthen, care for, support, challenge and sharpen one another. Each small group is a network of relationships, not a meeting. The relationships carry on 24/7 even if there is only one official meeting on a weekday night.
•    We see every small group as a team of disciples on a mission. Together the team can reach others for Christ better; can serve our city better; and can serve the practical needs in the church better.
•    Small groups are a great environment for deepening your insight and living out your spiritual truth, and for really participating and growing in spiritual gifts.

How to join one…

•    If you know someone at Common Ground, you may want to join their group. Alternatively, you can e-mail Sarah or contact the office (021 686 2970) and we’ll be more than happy to recommend a small group for you.

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