Partner Organisations

We are in the process of developing relationships with the following organisations:

Men on the Side of the Road

Each day they gather - an estimated 100,000 men  between the age of 16 and 60 - at roughly 1 000 sites throughout South Africa. They are always there at the same intersection, come rain or shine. These are the Men on the Side of the Road - waiting expectantly for contractors, homeowners, anyone who can offer them a job. The Men on the Side of the Road Project (MSR), which was launched in 2001, aims to help these men find employment. It does this by providing membership registration, skills assessment, skills development and work experience.

The Business Place, Philippi

If you have a business idea or necessity dictates that you need to start your own business, where do you go to get help? The Business Place is a friendly walk-in centre which clusters relevant, affordable services in one accessible location, with a friendly service-oriented information centre at the core, making it easier for entrepreneurs to obtain information and help. The Business Place is designed to assist aspiring entrepreneurs and existing small businesses with the "how to" and "next steps" of starting and running a small business.

The Warehouse

The Warehouse' mission is to serve the church in its response to poverty and injustice.  It works with local churches in rich and poor communities to enable them to make Christ known through sound, effective, practical acts and changed attitudes that change the lives of the poor. Workspring is a one of the programmes run by the Warehouse. It centers on a process designed to help people launch their own small business. It is a holistic programme that deals with the spiritual and psychological concerns produced by many years of unemployment, as well as the more conventional issues of skills development and access to capital.

Team coordinator:
Julie Stevens is in the process of establishing ways in which members of the Common Ground community can get involved in serving into the needs of these organisations. Anyone who would like to get involved in addressing the issue of unemployment in our city can contact her on 076 482 7315

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