Some frequently asked questions regarding Habitat builds

1) Will we be safe/ is it safe?
Yes, as long as we stay together with the Habitat team. Do not stray around. If you do want to go for a walk about, do it in a crowd and tell the team leader where you will be going and for how long.
2) Will our cars/vehicles and property be safe?  

Yes. You park on site or very close to the site within view. Do not leave valuables in the car that can be seen from outside.
3) Mobile phones, cameras, valuables  
Keep it under supervision and don't leave it unattended. Remember it is worth a meal to a hungry family.
4) What to wear? 
Very, very old clothing. Ones you really don't mind getting dirty. Strong old closed shoes or boots. Remember you will be getting sand and wet cement over it. Definitely no sandals as we are on a building site with possible broken glass, rusted nails, pieces of wire, etc.
Bring gloves to protect your hands as you will be working with spades, shovels, picks and wheelbarrows. The garden type works but if you plan on doing a few builds, get a good pair from a hardware store - the builders type.
5) Weather  
If it is hot, wear a wide brimmed hat or cap. Remember sunblock (even on a warm winters day). If it looks like a bit of rain, bring rain gear, wind breakers, etc and warm cloths for going home in.
6) Time  
We normally meet at 8.15am at CGC parking area to leave 8.30am sharp. Work should be completed by no later than 3.00pm.
7) Food 
The homeowner feeds us for teatime and at lunch. Should you want in-between snacks, bring your own along.
8) Water
VERY VERY IMPORTANT. Even in colder weather bring at least 1 - 2 litres of water.

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