Snapshot of the issue

Almost 10 million South Africans live in poverty housing...

Urbanisation has created a housing crisis around South Africa's cities. Today 21-million South Africans live in towns and cities, about 57% of the population. By the year 2010, 73% of the population will be urban, that is 43.7 million people. This urbanisation is driven by extreme poverty in rural areas as people flock to cities in search of employment. Vast informal settlements or townships surrounding modern cities have rapidly become the most visual expression of urban poverty - thousands of people, mostly black South Africans, living without adequate services in overcrowded conditions in shacks that have been pieced together with cardboard, corrugated iron (tin) and scrap wood.

Despite a very pro-poor government housing policy, the housing backlog is now officially higher than it was ten years ago. Almost 10 million South Africans live in poverty housing. The housing backlog is estimated at 2.5 million houses. In addition to the enormous need for housing and services, rapid urbanisation and the effects of the apartheid policies have also led to a fracturing of traditional structures, families and community in informal settlements.


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