U-turn is a Christian, non-profit organisation that works with homeless or destitute men and women in Claremont and the surrounding areas. Its aim is to restore the self-esteem of adult homeless persons by addressing their spiritual, physical and emotional needs. In so doing the organisation helps to rehabilitate and re-integrate them back into society.

While we don't have any current involvement with this organisation there are a number of needs we would like to assist this organisation with. (Link to their website)

Help us to establish a meal voucher neighbourhood

- educational campaign through newspapers, churches, radio, schools talks, neighbourhood forums;
- help organise donations for meal packs (cans of food, drinks, cards, games and other useful things); and
- establish more meal vouchers outlets.

Help us run computer training for residents
- get computers, establish network, secure equipment;
- get broadband/wireless/ADSL; and
- provide training to residents (Word, Excel, Outlook and internet) or write self study training material.

Assist at U-turn shelter with street people programme in mornings (10:00-12:00)
- sort clothing in 2nd hand clothing store, provide snacks, Sunlight soap/washing powder, craft materials, doctors and nurses to operate walk-in first aid clinic one morning a week.

Assist with 2nd phase programme in mornings (08:30-13:00)

- a six-week programme focusing on money management, communication, health (including addiction info), computers and job exposure.

Help us establish outlets for U-turn goods

- craft markets, shops, internet, etc.

Help us make a U-turn promotional video   

Weekend socialising
- Friday night video nights, pool and table tennis - socialise over pudding;
- help us establish a hiking club for Saturdays (or fundraise for us so we can join an existing club); and
- come to the shelter on a Sunday at lunchtime to cook or bring food, and spend time with the residents.

Once-off DIY projects

- fixing shacks in Khayelitsha, painting staff rooms in the shelter, building shower walls, etc.

Help us to design a U-turn life skills board game

Committed Christians to work alongside U-turn staff members doing street ministry
- evangelism, finding out about people and their needs, advising on U-turn as well as other service providers; and
- one or two women to run a weekly Bible study and social time for women.

Help us to do a Woolworths pickup on a Sunday afternoon

Have one small group adopt the U-turn residents
- help us make Christmas and birthdays a special occasion by giving a birthday card, present, or cake; and pray for a different resident each week.

Have one small group adopt U-turn staff
- encourage, help arrange staff perks  such as gym membership and breakaway opportunities. pray for a different staff member each week, and invite the person over for meal.

Assist with office admin tasks, e.g. updating U-turn database, help write thank you letters, take deliveries from the office to the shelter, update the U-turn website (someone with Drupal skills), or assist with IT support.

Commit to pray with us by signing up for the U-turn prayer letter (emailed [or posted every six to eight weeks) and/or sign up for our newsletter which comes out three times a year.

Prayer requests from U-turn
Please pray that U-turn would find new premises. The organisation has been given notice in its current location due to the Claremont Boulevard project. Please pray for new staff members as they settle into their new roles. Please pray for human resources that can assist the U-turn team with its website.

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