Sisters Incorporated

Sisters Incorporated (SI) is a shelter for abused women and their children and young, single, pregnant women who are considering putting their babies up for adoption. SI aims to help every woman, teenager and child who seeks help in crisis to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. SI offers help and hope regardless of race or religion, offering a hand up as a form of empowerment and not a hand out, because we care.

Weekly small group

Team coordinator
Brigitte Parfitt
021 686 2970

Activity description
Every Monday evening a team from Common Ground facilitate a small group meeting. Through worship, prayer and discipleship the women of Sisters Inc find God's healing, strength and direction for their lives. The team also organises the occasional activity or outing for the women.

Volunteer needs
This opportunity is for women only. Because the team is limited to seven members, volunteering opportunities are limited. Volunteers commit to attending the small group with the women on a weekly basis.

Decorate a room

Team coordinator
Michelle Murgatroyd
084 555 1656

Activity description
This ministry involves decorating different rooms in the Sisters Inc home that require a makeover.

Volunteer needs
This opportunity is for anyone who enjoys, or has a gift for, interior design and decorating.

Wish list of things needed

Anything that would help us revamp some of the rooms in Sisters Inc, such as frames, good quality duvet sets, furniture, curtains, etc.

Birthing partners

Team coordinator
Linda Fugard
021 7974190

Activity description

This activity involves meeting with a pregnant woman from Sisters Inc before the birth of her baby and being a birth partner during labour.  

Volunteer needs
This opportunity is for women only! It is expected that you develop a rapport with the woman before the labour process. You will also need to be flexible with time as the onset of labour can happen at any time.

Additional needs:

Give time - regardless of how much time people have to offer we can utilise it to:
* assist with transport, especially taking young pregnant residents to the Mowbray Maternity Hospital and waiting with them while they have their check ups;
* assist with collecting donations; and
* assist with collecting food at Woolworths Engen Claremont on a Wednesday or Saturday.

Give skills
* sit on our fundraising committee;
* sit on our Management committee;
* assist with maintenance (plumbers, electricians, etc.); and
* retired teacher to assist voluntarily with pregnant school-going residents' schoolwork.

Give things
Household goods:
* toilet rolls;                        
* sanitary towels;            
* basic medication  e.g. Panado Syrup for children and Panados, Gaviscon, cough syrup, etc;
* washing powder;
* washing up liquid;
* Handy Andy;
* large disposable nappies;
* black refuse bags;
* air freshener;
* furniture polish;
* Jik; and
* Jeyes Fluid.
* pilchards;
* corned beef;
* tuna;
* tea;
* coffee;
* sugar;
* fruit and vegetables (potatoes, onions);
* fish oil;
* pasta;
* eggs;
* margarine; and
* mayonnaise.
* pens;
* Pritt;
* school stationery (pens, crayons, etc.); and
* reams of computer paper.

Prayer requests from Sisters Incorporated

Please pray for all staff, residents and children, for their safety and for our finances. We need R70 000 per month just to keep our doors open (this includes a salary bill of R45 000 for ten staff members). We are guaranteed just R20 000 per month. Please pray that for our pregnant school learners the Education Department will assist us as far as their schooling goes. Please pray for the safe delivery of their babies and for guidance in deciding whether or not to put their babies up for adoption. Please pray for good health and wisdom for all of us. We are also trusting God for a third stage house for our residents. Please always pray that all of us would grow in Christ-likeness and be strengthened by the Lord.

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