NETwork: One Stop Job Shop

The Common Good Foundation has come alongside Andre Ntambwe to partner in his vision and incubate the establishment of a hub designed to support people to become economically active.

The vision of the hub is to address the need for people to overcome the disabling obstacles faced as a foreigner and given the freedom to become economically active through access to relevant information, job preparedness training, networks and work opportunities by leveraging the skills, networks and resources of Christians and others in the city. We hope to develop people to acquire desirable qualities to enable long term, meaningful employment.

The initiative hopes to help many previously unemployed people, including South Africans, to find hope, help and jobs. In early January we received a generous donation which is most of the capital required to launch the project and sustain it for 1 year.

For more information, contact Andre on 021 761 5370/1.

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