Beth Uriel

Home to 26 previously disadvantaged young men between the ages of 16 and 24, Beth Uriel, "House of Light" is committed to the passionate pursuit of independence for each of their family members. With Christian principles and family values at the core, the Beth Uriel family is dedicated to creating opportunities for those who would otherwise have none. Wrestling with issues of poverty, lack of education and the affects of HIV and AIDS on youth, Beth Uriel aspires to offer comprehensive care in every aspect of its programme.  

Computer Literacy programme

Team coordinator

Gerhard van der Merwe
083 275 9311

Activity description

Beginner and advanced computer literacy classes that take place fortnightly. With more volunteers, the class could take place weekly.

Volunteer needs

The main serving opportunity is to assist with the classes. Varying skill levels are required, both for beginners and for more advanced computer whizzes, so if you are relatively PC savvy, you can assist. It would require commitment to a fortnightly class during the early evening on a week day.

The computer lab from time to time needs technical input - fixing of computers, sorting out software, debugging, etc. If you are able to assist on an ad hoc basis with maintenance, it would be greatly appreciated.

me'kasi product production

Team coordinator
Clare Jones
072 479 2103

Activity description

Me'kasi is a brand developed by the Beth Uriel family. Me'kasi = n. 1. my location; 2. my place 3. my style. Every Me'Kasi product bought provides much-needed financial support to the Beth Uriel family. Teams of volunteers are required to assist with product development -T-shirt screen printing, beading on bags, packaging ear rings, etc.

Volunteer needs
* This is great activity for small groups - you don't need much skill, just a couple of hours to assist with production; and
* we also need people who might be able to market our products and give us access into retail stores

Wish list of things needed

* Beads
* old books
* paper and
* buyers of products!

Tutoring programme

Team Coordinator

Lindsay Henley
021 447 8727

Activity description

This involves supporting the Beth Uriel guys on a weekly basis from 19:00 to 20:00 with any of the subjects they may need assistance with.

Volunteer needs
* Anyone who can commit on a weekly or fortnightly basis for a minimum of six months; and
* educators who can provide extra lessons/workshops over evenings or holiday periods

Wish list of things needed

* Adopt a scholar - provide him with all the text books he needs for his current grade;
* donate text books and study aids/manuals that support the current curriculum.
* paper, pens, writing books;
* sponsorship for extra lessons; and
* sponsorship for text books.


In addition to the above we are exploring a partnership with a home for girls called Ons Plek in Woodstock. Watch this space.

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