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Previous series: Ministry Rediscovered by Terran Williams

13 May 2011

A series about being used by God.

Every Sunday over 2000 people gather to worship Jesus in one of our 4 congregations. But how many of us - during the week - are spending our lives to advance God's kingdom, and to touch people's lives? If all us lived to serve/reach/impact/bless others, can you imagine the mark we'd make on this city?

This 3-week series, Ministry Rediscovered, is all about getting active for God, learning to see all of our lives as a conduit for ministry. It's about shaking off excuses and passivity, and counting for God.

The three talks are:
1) Ministry Calling (15 May)
2) Ministry Impact (22 May)
3) Ministry Moments (29 May)

Click here for the weekly talks, small group guides and personal devotions.

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