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Previous Series: God Actually by Simon van Wyk

25 March 2011

What is God really like?


The biggest question of our day hasn't changed in centuries. It's a question of reality, of origin, of meaning, of destiny. It's the question: 'What is God really like?’

Only 5% of people in our city deny God's existence. The rest of us don't deny that, but most of us are confused about what He's like. Is He with me? Does He care? Is He really in control of the world? And the details of my life? Can we know Him? Would it make a difference if we did?

Join us for our new series, God Actually, at Common Ground Church every Sunday for seven weeks from 27 March. This series aims to answer those questions and clear up misconceptions about God’s character, exploring the truth of who He actually is.

Click here to watch the trailer for this series.
Click here to view our God Actually resources.

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