Plug into the Power of One

26 May 2008

Plug into the Power of One

Load shedding ... two words that have become a part of everyday language amongst South Africans! The power crisis is a problem that has caused great amounts of frustration amongst all of us. In response to this, the Heart of Healing, a Cape Town based NGO, has launched the Power of One campaign. This is a free mass media campaign where the primary objective is to inspire all South Africans to take individual responsibility and make every effort to reduce their electricity consumption. If every South African practiced simple power saving techniques such as switching off the geyser, unnecessary lights, and plugs at the wall copious amounts of energy could be saved. We often underestimate the power that the individual has to make a difference.

As fellow South Africans who care about the future of our nation, we at the Heart of Healing are calling on all of you to face up to this crisis and take action to solve it! Register on the website for free downloads of all Power of One media, guidelines on how to get the message out there, more tips on how to save electricity, innovative activations, surveys, blogs and more!


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