Creative Arts Weekend by Life Changers Church

05 May 2008

Life Changers Church will be hosting a Creative arts weekend.

Art is the language of the soul... the existence of art is the most tangible evidence of the soul.  Francis Schaeffer

To those with many years behind their name and those with many to come; to those with the greatest of experience, and those who desire to know more... Life Changers Church will be hosting a Creative Arts weekend on the 30th and 31st of May.

What exactly is it?
A weekend of diverse creativity inspired by our uncontainable, inexpressible and creative God. There will be workshops in Sculpture, Painting, Poetry, Drama-performance, Photography, Dancing and Drama writing (visit our website for more details).

How do I sign up?
On the life changers web site there is a registration form with all the details of the weekend in full. We believe this is a great opportunity and the beginning of new explorations that will cause something bigger to explode in our Churches and beyond. Through faith and revelation the small seed of creativity will be transformed into a vast whirlpool. Let’s learn from one another and be inspired by our God the creator of all.
church office number: 021 5577704

Directions to Life Changers church.

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