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Children's Ministry Volunteer Opportunities by Michelle Nagy

10 January 2011

Volunteers needed!

The Children’s ministry aims to partner with parents in bringing children into a living relationship with Jesus Christ, through teaching the bible creatively and age appropriately in a fun and safe environment. We are looking for passionate leaders to join this exciting team as we partner together to bring children to know Jesus as their saviour.


We need leaders for the following age groups:

Tots: 18 months-2 ½ years
Calling all parents and grandparents who are keen to be involved in the lives of toddlers on a Sunday morning! Our 18 months-2 ½ year group of great kids need some loving supervision on Sunday mornings. If you are the parent of older kids, or a grandparent, or anyone who would like to be involved in these young lives, please contact Pam Pike at pampike@commongroundchurch.co.za.
*Please note this is not exclusive to people with children, although we would like to especially invite those parents and grandparents who miss their days with their toddlers.

2 ½-4 years
5-7 years
Grade 2-5

Grade 6 and 7 Sunday Mornings: Ignite is a group of 12 to 13 year olds who gather together every Sunday morning, where an age specific curriculum is covered. We are looking for energetic leaders who would like spend their Sunday mornings having fun and building relationships with this great group.

Other opportunities in children’s ministry include:

Welcome Team:
The welcome team have the very important task of welcoming the parents and the children as they arrive at Kidzone and signing them in. The welcoming team is also responsible for welcoming in new parents and their children, and showing them around.

Buddies play the all-important task of filling in for leaders when they are sick or away. Although this is not a year long commitment, we do encourage buddies to be available as much as possible.

Jumpstart is a team of passionate worshipers, who lead the kids in age appropriate worship every Sunday morning. We are looking for energetic leaders to be a part of this team. No previous musical experience required but it may come in use.

If you are interested in being a part of Children’s Ministry, please contact Pam Pike on pampike@commonground.co.za

Ignite Friday Night:
It takes place every Friday at 6pm to 8pm. This is two hours of fun and games.
Please note that Ignite Friday night and Sunday morning are two different groups of leaders, so please could you specify which one you would like to serve at.

021 686 2970.


In order to free Ministry Leaders involved with evening ministry events, we would like to build a reliable team of enthusiastic Common Ground babysitters. Babysitters would be assigned to one or two families and asked to commit to serving once a month. Volunteers must have a heart for kids and some babysitting experience would be preferable.

To sign up, call Janine at 021 686 2970 or email serve@commongroundchurch.co.za.

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