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Out of India by Rigby & Sue Wallace

29 November 2010

A mini-'epistle' from Rigby and Sue on their time in India so far.

"Out of India" Part 1

To all our CGC brothers and sisters.

Sue and I arrived safely in Delhi at 3am on Thursday and after a few hours sleep, I took the first 2 sessions at the Leadership Conference attended by around 30 pastors and their leaders. On the Friday Tony asked me to take another 2 sessions. You guessed it, I spoke mainly on re-inventing the church around the gospel message and mission. There seemed to be an unusual sense of spiritual hunger and very real sense of God's grace and presence among us all.

It's always special seeing the lives of people we have been involved in training over the last 20 years, flourishing. One of the couples Chandra and Chumpa are now onto their third church plant! Their kids too are a surprise package, making regular public contributions that were both mature and very encouraging. We met a couple from Orissa (where major persecution breaks out against Christians from time to time) called Uttam and Rema. His great-grandfather was the first believer 3 generations back, who died praying for his persecutors as they shot arrows into him! All of the children have come to faith and each generation has had someone called to pastoral ministry. They have asked for CGC's prayers as have many of the pastors who labour joyfully amidst trying circumstances and limited resources.

Tony and I leave for Nagaland for a very intensive week of training in 3 or 4 very remote regions where the locals very seldom see any foreigners. It seems we are going to have some very interesting stories to share on our return! Until the next "Out of India", (if we have email!) we covet your prayers, any prophetic encouragements you may want to send and assure you all of our love.

Thank you for your generosity in releasing Sue and I to a more expansive service in Christ's global cause. Tony and Linda Johnson send their love as do Josh and Asha and the Capitol City Church guys in Delhi. By the way, some wonderful things are happening for them around their facility needs. God has been very good to them.

Blessings, Rigby and Sue

Below is a photo of the great grandson of the first Christian in Orissa. He died as a martyr but his great grandson is now courageously leading a church in that state.

Picture 2.png

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