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The Real Jesus

01 June 2010

We’ve learnt at CGC that nothing has the power to so catalyze community, deepen discipleship, save seekers and mobilize mission quite like focusing on Jesus, who he is, and why it matters.

That’s why in August and September we’re doing the biggest, most important series of the year – one about Jesus. For a full eight weeks we’ll investigate who He is, and why it matters – and we’re inviting the city to join us! It’s going to be life-changing.

On Sundays we’ll investigate Jesus up close and personal – one week through the eyes of a spiritual seeker - another week through the eyes of a party animal – another through a loose lady – another a rich guy – another a struggling guy – another an addict – and so on. But the real action in that time will not just be Sundays – it will be in mid-week small groups too.
For those eight weeks every small group will catch up over a meal and then watch a 30 minute DVD of Mark Driscoll based on his brilliant book, Vintage Jesus. Each presentation compellingly answers a major question about Jesus in a way that deepens believers and helps seekers find answers to life’s big questions. After the DVD, every group discusses what Mark had to say.

It’s going to be so much fun for all and non-threatening to those who’re new.

All current small groups will – for 8 weeks – become a Vintage Jesus group! But how’s this – to host our city we need more space. So we’ll also start 40 or so temporary Vintage Jesus groups during that time.

If you’re not in a group – why don’t you join up with one for those 8 weeks?
If you’re trying to help some of your friends or family investigate Jesus for themselves, why not invite them to come on Sundays and to join a group? Perhaps – you want to HOST a temporary Vintage Jesus group in this time?

If you can answer yes to these 4 questions, you’d make a great HOST…
  1. Do you HAVE A HEART FOR PEOPLE? This means you can relate to people warmly and confidently.
  2. Would you ORGANIZE A PLACE AND A MEAL? It could be your home or a friends – or it could be some office space during the lunch hour at work.
  3. Would you SWITCH ON THE DVD AND DISCUSS IT with questions we provide? 
  4. Would you TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS TO COME? - all those who’re not in a group or church.
If that’s you – why not HOST a temporary group? If you’re keen – let us know - please sign up at the Involvement Desk or email therealjesus@commongroundchurch.co.za.
We’ll make contact with you and - if you do it - we’ll provide the materials for free, a brief training opportunity and a coach who’ll set you up to succeed.

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