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The Bucket List - What if you had six months to live?

Join us on Sundays as we rethink how we'd live differently
if life's brevity really sunk in.

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21 Feb - The Dash
mp3 audio message
small group guide
download the video story: Paul Buckley 1 and Paul Buckley 2

28 Feb - The Eulogy

mp3 audio message - Steve AM
mp3 audio message - Rigby PM
download the video story: Yolandi Reiche 1 and Yolandi Reiche 2 and Yolandi Reiche 3

7 March - Life Beyond
mp3 audio message - Terran AM
mp3 audio message - Paul PM
free e-book on Heaven by Randy Alcorn
download the video story: Terran Williams 1 and Terran Williams 2

14 March - That Day
mp3 audio message - Rigby AM (unavailable)
mp3 audio message - Terran PM
mp3 audio message - Kevin Inner City
small group guide
download the video story: Sharon Roos 1 and Sharon Roos 2

For church leaders
(who want to adapt this series for their own church)
word docs of message: talk 1, talk 2, talk 3, talk 4
sample powerpoint template


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