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Life is all about relationships - whether with kids or colleagues, friends or family, siblings or spouses, employers or employees, parents or partners. The quality of our life hinges on the strength of these bonds.

Although all of these connections are unique, there are 10 ancient relationship essentials that can take them all to the next level, making strained relationships stronger, and good ones even better.

For 5 weeks, both in the Sunday message, and in small groups, we're exploring these 10 essentials, two per week. ...

Week 1 (20 Feb)
Relationship essentials: 1. Authenticity 2. Humility

Small Group Video 1, Part One and Two
South am: TerranWilliams
Rondebosch am: Rigby Wallace
InnerCity pm: Rigby Wallace

Week 2 (27 Feb)
Relationship essentials: 3. Reconciliation 4. Forgiveness
Small Group Video 2, Part One & Part Two
South am: Terran Williams (poor sound quality)
Rondebosch am: Rigby Wallace
Rondebosch pm: Paul Maughan

Week 3 (6 Mar)
Relationship essentials: 5. Listening 6. Feedback
Small Group Video 3, Part One & Part Two
South am: Grant Sole
Rondebosch am: Terran Williams
Rondebosch pm: Nathan Gernetzky

Week 4 (13 Mar)

Relationship essentials: 7. Warmth 8. Giving
Small Group Video 4, Part One & Part Two
Rondebosch am: Rigby Wallace
Rondebosch pm: Terran Williams
InnerCity pm: Kevin Murphy

Week 5 (20 Mar)

Small Group Video 5 (still to be added)
South am: Nathan Gernetsky
Rondebosch am: Terran Williams
InnerCity pm: Terran Williams

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