Times haven't been this tough financially for years.
Listen in on our conversations: we're all caught up with money talk - how to make more of it, how to save it, what to do with it, how to get out of debt. And check out the headlines: 'SA Consumer Debt hits One Trillion Rand!' 'Western Cape debt to disposable income ratio: 102%!'

That's why we're devoting two weeks to the subject in our Money Matters series.

In talk one we get personal.
We ask the question: do you have money or does money have you? Since Jesus spoke more about money than almost any other subject, we ask his perspective on the matter.

Sunday 7 November mp3's:
Christo Bredenkamp
Steve Binos
Small Group written guide

In talk two we get practical - extremely practical. We talk about living within your means, saving, getting out of debt, generosity and more.
Sunday 14 November mp3's:
Rigby Wallace
Paul Maughan
Christo Bredenkamp
Small Group written guide

Don't miss this series. And be sure to invite everyone you know who has any interest in money and what to do with it (that's everyone!) It will also be great for people far from God.

Small Group leaders take note:
On Monday the 8th and 15th of November we will send you a written group guide for use in your small groups, which will help your group process the Money matters series.

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