What we believe is the ground upon which we live our lives. That's why it's so important to get a good grounding in what the Bible teaches. 
As we do this, our lives and faith becomes increasing stable, enduring and strong. That being said, why not join many others in deeply exploring what the Bible teaches about
1) God, 2) creation, 3) humanity, 4) Jesus Christ, 5) salvation, 6) working out your salvation, 7) the Holy Spirit, 8) the church, and 9) the last things.

We've launched the Grounded course to help you do just that. It essentially consists of listening to, over a period of two years, to 42 mp3s of talks by one of the world's best Bible teachers, Michael Eaton. We have also created PDFs that summarize the audio content.

See Grounded Year One's talks and pdfs

See Grounded year Two's talks and pdfs

For those who wish to explore these talks in the fullest, most life-impacting way, we've created the Grounded Course. It consists of year one and year two.

The demands of the year one course are as follows:

1) attending four Monday nights in total (the dates for the next Grounded course will follow soon)
2) listening to, over a period of 3 months, and in your own time, to 21 powerful talks (see mp3 and word doc downloads below)
3) being tested on your understanding of the specific talks (from 4-6 talks each time) for the first 30 minutes of each of the four nights

Each night will start with a test, but will culminate in question-led conversations on the subject at hand.
As you do this course we hope it will greatly deepen your insight into the Christian faith - it will even earn you a well-deserved Grounded Certificate (assuming you sufficiently understand the contents of Eaton's messages).

Click here for a download which summarizes the introductory night:
Power-point presentation from introduction evening.

Michael Eaton's talks

We regard Michael Eaton as one of the world's best Bible teachers. Decades of preaching and church leadership experience in a diversity of cultures, as well as his numerous books (including commentary on all 66 books of the Bible) attest to the quality of his gift.  As a church we've already benefited greatly from his teaching. 

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