Want to preach the gospel more effectively?

Is there one most important thing we can do that will both reach non-Christians and strengthen Christians? Without a doubt there is: it is to regularly proclaim the gospel in the power of the Spirit.  

If there is one emphasis in the history of our church that accelerated both numerical and discipleship growth it is this: we intensified our efforts to proclaim the gospel in the power of the Spirit.

Here are four very practical resources that will help you to preach the gospel...
1) DA Carson, leader of the Gospel Coalition helps us think through what the gospel message is. Click here.
2) Tim Keller, leader of one of New York cities biggest churches, shares his reflections. Click here.
3) Terran Williams, one of the preaching elders of our church, shares how to preach the gospel in 40 seconds, in 4 minutes, in 40 minutes and in 4 hours. Click here.
4) Terran Williams, shares 17 keys to preaching in a way that powerfully impacts non-Christians. Click here.

At Common Ground, our central conviction about a biblical church is that it should be a gospel-centred church. We're committed to being just that. This includes the idea of reach lost people with the gospel, but means far more than that. Click here for a definition of what it means to be a gospel-centred church.

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