Want to develop yourself theologically?

Everyone has a theology. You believe certain things about reality, about the meaning of life, what God wants you to know, what God wants you to do, the best way to live life and more. Your theology – your understanding of the nature of things – under-girds everything you do, whether you realise it or not.

The question is not whether you have a theology - you do! - but whether your theology is any good. Whether it's true. Whether it's something you can build a life on. Whether it's something worth sharing with others. Excuse our boldness, but never in the history of the church have so many Christians – and so many Christian leaders – had such ignorance about what the Bible teaches.

'Watch your life and doctrine closely. Persevere in them, for if you do you will save yourself and others' (1 Timothy 4:16). It is your responsibility to perseveringly build into yourself a good theology – one informed by the 'whole counsel of God' (Acts 20:27).  That takes time and effort. But it is more than worth it!

We suggest two basic tracks to develop yourself theologically:

1)    On a daily basis, go through the Bible book by book, seeking out a correct understanding of what each passage means, and a correct understanding of how the truth of that passage applies to our lives. We recommend to you our own Bible commentaries as a starting point. Click here.

2)    On a weekly basis, download and listen to at least one of the numerous teachings by 1) Michael Eaton and 2) Tim Keller. These are truly gospel-centred theologians. Over the period of a year try get through all the teachings on the following two links. 

Michael Eaton – whom RT Kendal describes as the world's greatest theologian - spoke at Cornerstone Christian Church in South Africa. We have developed these teachings into our church's theological equipping track called 'Grounded'. Click here for these talks and supplementary resources. (Perhaps you could use this resource as a theological equipping track in your own church?)

Tim Keller, who leads one of New York city's largest churches, will profoundly deepen your theology of the gospel-centred ministry. Click here for 50 of his talks.

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