Interested in adapting one of our main outreach strategies, The God Sessions?

Many of the people who follow Jesus and are involved in our church, do so because they once participated in God Sessions.

God Sesssions, like Alpha, allows people to be exposed to the Gospel and to community for a period of several weeks during which time they can ask their questions, think freshly about faith and build lots of friendships.

We ran Alpha for several years with varying levels of success, but eventually we felt that it did not reflect who we were and was a bit too long for our context, so we created something a little more 'us' - God Sessions. After years of fine-tuning it, we freely make it available to you ...

Understanding God Sessions
Group Facilitators Training
1) Is there more to life than this?     Mp3 of talk     PowerPoint   
2) Is God real, and if he is, what's he like?     Mp3 of talk     PowerPoint         
        Handouts:  Tough Q 1  Tough Q 2
3) Who is Jesus and does it matter anyway?     Mp3 of talk     PowerPoint
        Handouts:  Tough Q 3  Tough Q 4
4) If I'm reasonably good, do I need faith?     Mp3 of talk     PowerPoint
        Handouts:  Tough Q 5  Tough Q 6
5) Where to from here?     Mp3 of talk    PowerPoint

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