Free resources for ministry and church leaders

We've made a lot of mistakes. Enough to learn some valuable lessons. And we've taken the time to try new things, to reflect carefully, and to develop many resources over the years that have helped us to fulfil our God-given mission.

Many leaders from other churches have requested that we make some of these resources available to them. We happily do so.  Perhaps some of these resources could be useful to your church.  And of course, much of this material will be incompatible with the values and approach your church takes. If you do use some of these resources, no doubt you will want to adapt them to reflect your church's unique context and 'feel' and values. After all, it's not wise to adopt what another church does - but it is wise to adapt some of the God-ideas found in other churches.

Want to develop your spiritual leadership?
Want to deepen your theology?
Are you interested in developing your preaching?
Want to develop your ability to communicate the gospel?
Keen to check out and adapt our home group leadership manual?
Curious about one of our main outreach strategies, the God Sessions?
Want to grow your church through conversion growth?
Interested in the way we do our join-the-church course, called DNA?
Thinking about youth ministry and some keys to doing it?
Open to a whole bunch of random but helpful ministry resources?

Much more is still coming. We'll share:
What we've learnt about social impact ministry
What we've learnt in kids ministry.

And more...

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