Religion says 'do'. Jesus said 'done'.

In this series, we're exploring the difference between religion and what Jesus did on the cross. John Stott once said, 'The cross is the blazing fire at which God's love sets fire to our hearts, but we must get close enough to it to experience its sparks falling on us.' In this series, we get real close. Christ-followers and seekers can expect to be significantly moved.

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TALK 1: On the cross, Christ absorbed God's wrath
Theologians calls this 'the doctrine of propitiation'. In Christ, I am safe.
MP3: Terran Williams
PDF: Small Group Guide

TALK 2: On the cross, Christ took my guilt and gave me His righteousness

Theologians call this 'the doctrine of justification'. In Christ, I am accepted.
MP3: Rigby Wallace
MP3: Terran Williams
PDF: Small Group Guide

TALK 3: On the cross, Christ broke down the dividing wall, and gave me friendship. (Good Friday)
Theologians call this 'the doctrine of reconciliation'. In Christ, I'm God's friend. 
MP3: Grant Sole

TALK 4: Through his death and resurrection, Christ gives me life. (Easter)
Theologians call this 'the doctrine of union with Christ'. In Christ, I am alive.
MP3: Terran Williams
MP3: Paul Maughan
PDF: Small Group Guide

For church leaders
(who might want to adapt this series to their own church)
Word doc of Talk 1: propitiation
Word doc of Talk 2: justification
Word doc of Talk 3: reconciliation
Word doc of Talk 4: union with Christ
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