DNA Stuff

DNA is the name of the 'looking in' course we have for people thinking about becoming part of the Common Ground family and team.

In the course we try not to information-overload and rather help people catch snapshots and the general heart-beat of the church. But from time to time, we will mention something that may invite further exploration into what we believe, and why we believe that.

Here are some pdf's and links in that line....

What we believe - doctrinal statement
What we believe about the Holy Spirit
Becoming a Christian
Why we're a multisite church

Understanding baptism
Why we don't believe in infant baptism
Dedicating your baby at Common Ground

Making sense of the Bible
Tips on how to have a quiet time (by Rick Warren)
How to share your faith (a pdf book summary)

Spiritual Gifts Option 1: Discover your 'servant profile'
Spiritual Gifts Option 2: Discover your gifts online
The art of wealth

Our understanding of gender roles in marriage
Before anyone gets engaged
Why cohabiting is not cool
What we believe about divorce & remarriage
The sexual standards of our community

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