Join us as we explore one of Jesus’ most profound teachings – John 15:1-16 – in which he invites and equips us all, Christfollowers and not-yet-Christfollowers alike – to get closer.

Closer to what? Closer to Christ. Closer to being the person God intends us to be. Closer to accomplishing the things God plans for us to accomplish. Closer to a life of radical abundance and fruitfulness.

Read the ebook devotional of John 15:1-16...

Why not daily read Andrew Murray's classic century-old month-long devotional on these verses. We've paraphrased it and formatted it as an ebook for your use. Either download the PDF version or see the bottom of this page for an online version.

Listen to the Sunday messages...

Week 1 (John 15:1-3) (16 Jan)
Rondebosch am - Grant Sole
South am - Terran Williams
Inner City pm - Kevin Murphy
Rondebosch pm - Paul Maughan
Small Group Guide

Week 2 (John 15:4-7) (23 Jan)
Rondebosch am- Paul Maughan
South am - Peter Howard-Browne
Inner City pm - Terran Williams
Small Group Guide

Week 3 (John 15:7-11) (30 Jan)
Rondebosch am - Rigby Wallace
Rondebosch pm - Terran Williams
Small Group Guide

Week 4 (John 15:11-16) (6 Feb)
Rondesboch am - Terran Williams
South am - Terran Williams
Rondebosch pm - Nathan Gernetsky
Inner City pm - Terran Williams
Small Group Guide

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