We all need champions to inspire us, and to aspire to. Although Jesus is the Ultimate Champion, he uses human instruments. Since the earliest days of the church, Christ has put certain individuals centre stage. These people, though being sinful and broken, have yet been turned inside out by Christ himself, and then have been used to build a part of his kingdom in the world. They are ordinary people used for extraordinary purposes.

In Acts 6-12, which deals with the years of AD 34-44, we see the fledgling church of Jesus marching forward in some surprising movements. In each new movement, a different person is chosen by Christ to be at the head of the charge. We meet several ‘champions of the faith’...


Stephen the Martyr (6 June)

download mp3: Steve van Rhyn

Philip the Messenger (13 June)

download mp3: Roger

download mp3: Grant

download mp3: Terran

Paul the Murderer (20 June)

download mp3: Terran

Peter the Pioneer (27 June)

download mp3: Aaron Tredway

Barnabas the People-Builder (4 July)

download mp3: Terran

Christ the Champion (11 July, the day of the final)

download mp3: Paul


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