Genesis: making sense of life

Despite all of the intellectual and scientific progress the human race has made, three questions still perplex us: 'Where do we come from? What is the meaning of my life? What is wrong with the world?' Until we have solid answers to these questions we're truly in the dark.

Wonderfully, Genesis 1-3  and Genesis 4-11 is God's answer to these questions. It shines a bright light, helping us to understand our lives and world. That should motivate us to deeply explore these chapters.

Genesis 12-23 records the amazing life of Abraham. The apostle Paul (in Romans 4:11-12) reminds us that he is 'the father of all who believe' and the one of whom it can be said, 'We walk in the footsteps of the faith Abraham had.' Next to Jesus, Abraham is the man that God has used most pivotally in the history of the world.

Until we understand Genesis, we can't understand the rest of the Bible. This portion of Scripture is the backdrop not only of our own story, but the unfolding drama of God's story. 

Genesis 1 - 3 - Making Sense of Life, part 1
(note that a three week guide for small groups is included)

Genesis 4 - 11 - Making Sense of Life, part 2
(coming soon)

Genesis 12-23 - Following in the Footsteps of Abraham's Faith
(note that a four week guide for small groups is included)

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