Exodus 1-20: join the journey

We’re all on a journey. But where are we going? And what is the meaning of our journey?

Exodus 1-20 tells of two world-changing journeys that intersected with each other 3300 years ago. As we track their journeys, something amazing happens: we see the journey we’re on in a brand new light.

On the one hand, we track the footsteps of Moses, a fallen prince of Egypt, as he transitions from being a self-made prince, to a humbled shepherd, to a reconstructed liberator. On the other hand, we re-live the journey of fledgling Israel as they miraculously escape Egyptian oppression and march boldly into … well, apparently into the middle of no where.

As we follow the journey of both a people and a man, we’ll learn how God still leads us as individuals and as a church. And, as we revisit the surprising twists and turns of their journey, we'll discover God's secret wisdom for the often-confusing paths that mark our own lives.

Two milestones in their journey – the sacrificial death of a lamb in Egypt, and the receiving of the law at Sinai – prophetically foreshadow the two most important events in history: the death of Christ, and the giving of the Spirit. That’s why, as we follow Moses and the Hebrews through the desert, we will also collide with the cross of Christ, and the transforming work of the Spirit – events that transpire 1300 years later.

Psalm 84:5 says, 'Happy is the person who has set their heart on the journey towards God.' Why not join the journey?

Commentary on Exodus 1 - 20

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