Ephesians: loving and living the gospel

What Jesus 'calls' you to is far more interesting and amazing than you can comprehend. And this 'calling' comes to us in the Gospel.

That's why we can say a Christian is someone who is defined by the Gospel. They love the Gospel, and live the Gospel. The letter to the Ephesians unpacks, with kaleidoscopic and mind-boggling intensity,  what it means to love the Gospel (by exploring and experiencing it) and what it means to live the Gospel (by embodying it).

And by the way - you can't live it until you love it. Said another way, you can't apply the Gospel to your life until you get a revelation of the Gospel in your heart. Let Ephesians explain what I mean ...

Chapter 1   
Chapter 2
Chapter 3  
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6

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