1 John: learning to love

Hungry to learn to love? In pursuit of authentic spirituality? Keen to have your confidence in Christ restored? Want a fresh wave of joy and assurance of salvation? Then 1 John beckons you to drink deeply.

The apostle John, the same one who felt comfortable enough with Christ to rest his head on Jesus’ chest, has been called ‘the apostle of love’. This letter reveals his great love for Christ, and for the church, as well as his great vision of how Christ’s love transforms us, so that we ourselves live to love.

The letter of 1 John is written by the apostle John to a church or churches in the region of Ephesus. At times he addresses them as ‘my dear children’, and at other times ‘dear friends’. He loves them deeply. These churches had been exposed to some convincing false teachers who presented to them a totally different spin on Jesus. Although they had withstood the deception of these teachers, they were shaken by the experience.  So John wrote this letter to them in an attempt to restore their confidence in Christ, their joy and assurance of salvation, their discernment of false teaching, and the quality of their love and obedience.


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