Exploring the Bible

You love God as much as you love his Word.

Scary thought, but true. That's why we believe that Christians should daily devote themselves to exploring the Bible for themselves - chapter-by-chapter, book-by-book. (Click here to hear a talk on why and how to feed on the Word.)

This can be challenging however, especially when it is difficult to make sense of what the Bible is saying, and more importantly, what it means to our lives today. That is why we've started creating and uploading easy-to-follow pdf-format commentaries on various books of the Bible. These unique commentaries give priority to answering this question of every few verses: "What do these verses mean to my life now?"

Also, notice the Group Guide files that help small groups go through a book of the Bible together.

We're uploading new commentaries all the time - eventually commentaries on the whole Bible (we hope) will be uploaded - so keep coming back.

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